How do new startups afford to live in Gurgaon 

Coliving is rapidly gaining popularity in India, with young working professionals gravitating towards it. Yes, it’s one of the most preferable shared accommodation options chosen by millennials these days. If you're a startup and you want a budget-friendly living, coliving is probably the best option for you. The facilities and convenience you’ll find in coliving are unmatchable for its price. So here are a few reasons why coliving suits every young mind by checking all the boxes. 

• Increase in Productivity 

Productivity is greatly enhanced for the individuals that work from home and coliving space minimizes interference with completing your work using creativity and delivering on time.
Coliving spaces are optimized for productivity. They are made to adapt to different work styles, providing different settings and a variety of desks and tailor to all working individuals. 

• Budget

One of the most important factors that any young working professional consider while picking an accommodation is budget. Opting for shared accommodation helps you to save and cut down on the cost of living. Moreover, living in a coliving is even more cost-effective. As coliving are fully managed, they provide all amenities including food and bills, which we will discuss in detail in the next point. For all the young mind who are not keen on sharing accommodation, you can also opt for private rooms, which gives you space all to yourself along with the benefits of living in a wonderful coliving community.


One of the features of coliving is the amenities they offer. A modern lifestyle with a fully furnished home, food, bills, housekeeping, wifi, air conditioner, television, washing machine, refrigerator, 24×7 security, CCTV surveillance, students get the best facilities at extremely affordable rates. Along with these amenities, coliving also has gyms, indoor games rooms, and a movie theatre at some of its properties. Decent communal accommodations with all this luxury and convenience, you get every facility that you need without breaking the bank.


• Freedom

One factor that every individual complaint is about strict deadlines in hostels and local PGs and the nosy and demanding landlords. While staying in Coliving, you won’t ever face this problem dedicated customer service teams are always there to assist you and solve any issue instantly.  Coliving PGs also do not bind you by a lease and you are free to choose the duration of your stay while paying a nominal security deposit. By providing you complete flexibility in every area, coliving PGs make your stays hassle-free. With Flock coliving, choosing your stay is now easier and just a few clicks away.

• Network

The most significant difference between a traditional office and a shared office is the network and collaboration opportunities that a coliving space offers. The work environment is collaborative as they are working alongside different people and organizations every day; those people could potentially give your company the next big business idea.

Coliving spaces also hold networking events to help corporations find new business partnerships or clients, brainstorming sessions with other like-minded companies, and educational workshops. They also include fun activities from luncheon events to workout classes, perfect for making introductions and turning them into profitable and personal relationships. 



• Safety 

Safety is a key factor when we consider moving to a new city or place. That is why it is important to choose trusted and certified accommodation when doing so. With the implemented safety measures, coliving PGs like Flock make your stay as safe and secure as possible, a step that keeps you safe and your family free from worry. With 24×7 security and CCTV surveillance, experience the comfort and safety of home. 

• Best Atmosphere 

The atmosphere you will be surrounded with at coliving is like a home away from home. At the common spaces like games rooms and dining halls, cafeteria or gym you will come across some amazing like-minded people. You will also make new friends and create bonds at the community events that are always enjoyable to attend. It is a great environment for everyone to build networks, friendships and learning from each other can be a good chance for any startup or new business. 
You can spend some of the most memorable times of your life, and even more in a coliving space, and experience its vibrant culture, unmatched quality, luxury, and comfort. At Flock, you can rest assured that every box will be checked and the moments you spend here will be worth it.